Hi everyone it’s Bláthnaid here finally getting us up to date with our 30 Days Wild Blogs! We’ve all been having a great time today! I had an especially good day at school today as I got to tell everyone about Dara getting an award from Springwatch and also that I was in our brilliant film that they showed. It was great to see us all and tell everyone about it! 

Yesterday, I was looking under all the stones in our garden. I found a beautiful beetle which actually eats snails so I had to rescue the snail that was beside it! I really love snails. Snails are sacred! I called my snail Tank. I put him in a jar with lots of yummy food. Don’t worry I put holes in the lid! Tank is amazing, he can be a girl and a boy at the same time and their eggs look like tiny pearls. I was amazed because Tank laid eggs today! He must be really cosy in there to do that. Some of the eggs later on today had stalks coming out of them and they became see through with red around the edges. How strange and wonderful. I could’ve watched them all day! Tank is my pet, did I tell you that? He lives in my dolls house. His shell is brown and beautiful with lots of shades of black too. Just like splashing paint. I love him, he is my best snail friend! Please snuggle a snail it’s really nice and makes you feel good, honestly! 

The end 

Thanks for reading. 
Bláthnaid aged 7